10 reasons to use a Cancer Survivor Care Plan (SCP)

  1. Track all medical and other cancer-related information and keep it organized in one place, including side-effects, symptoms, appointments, etc.
  2. Learn more about the disease and its impacts
    1. find out that you are not the only one with certain concerns
    2. learn ways to improve your quality of life
    3. be better prepared for medical appointments
    4. learn about resources in your community and elsewhere.
  3. Be more aware of your needs and therefore able to ensure they are met.
  4. Take more control over your cancer and post-cancer life.
  5. Have a record of your journey so you can share information, feelings and experiences with other patients and survivors.
  6. Turn worries into positive learning and action.
    1. Sometimes the things we keep inside can cause us more stress than we realize.  Writing things down and dealing with them is often a release that reduces stress and helps with our wellness.
  7. The cancer journey, like residential schools or any serious injury or disease, can be traumatizing.   We all want to avoid turning trauma into actions that cause damage to others and ourselves.   SCPs and community peer support can help us understand our trauma and avoid that outcome.
  8. Have an organized way to set wellness goals and track your progress.
  9. Focus on wellness, rather than cancer.
  10. Share your experience because your input will make a difference.  SCPs are being tested in Fort Good Hope and Fort Smith.  You can tell us if this SCP model and the support offered by community coordinators is helpful.
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