Phase 1

The Breast Cancer Journey Project

This document outlines the results of documenting the breast cancer journey and our course of action in working with partners to address the recommendations that will make a difference to the experience of someone affected by breast cancer.

The results in Phase 1 showed us that the NWT has much strength in supporting a patient from discovering an abnormality to diagnosis and then on to treatments followed by post treatment.  Equally, gaps or opportunities presented themselves to improve how people are treated on this physically challenging and emotional journey.  The recommendations highlight four main message themes or areas to work towards improving:

Communication – including use of plain language information; communication between patient and medical staff, between agencies and jurisdictions and medical staff; cultural sensitivity, etc.
Cancer Care Map – outlining the steps along the way for patients, caregivers and medical staff.
Medical Travel – making more efficient; enhance consistency on escort policy; training for escorts, etc.
Navigation – having one “go-to” person for questions, providing support, and to oversee the overall coordination of each person’s journey.

The Action Group’s Board is looking forward to working with our partners in addressing the gaps and making a real difference in the lives of individuals who find themselves with a cancer diagnosis.


To download the Phase 1 Summary, click here
To download the Phase 1 Final Report, click here.