Family, Friends & Other Supporters

There is no doubt that cancer has a major effect on those close to the person with the actual disease.  They will have many of the same reactions as the person with cancer, including fear, anger, hopelessness and guilt.

They will want to know how to help, but at the same time may often feel useless.

Many women report being very upset by friends and family who know they have cancer but have not mentioned the illness at all, or have even avoided seeing the person with cancer. This is rarely because they do not care but almost always because they do not know what to say and are afraid of upsetting the person with cancer.

Having the support of those around you is a critical part of your cancer journey and in this part of the website we try to help with:

  • telling people that you have cancer;
  • showing family, friends and others how they can best help you;
  • supporting your family and friends so they can support you.