Helping Others To Help You

As we said on the page about Caring for yourself  many women are used to being the main or only carer in their family, and it can be very difficult to ask others for help.

It may also be difficult for those around you to know how to help, although this is what they want to do.

The kind of help and support you need will vary depending on your physical and emotional needs, and your closeness to the person offering to help.  Again, there is lots of advice on the internet and here we are just giving a few ideas:

Asking for help & support

  • Where you can, be clear about what you need. For example, it’s better to say “It would be great if you could take Ryan to soccer training on Tuesdays” rather than “Help with Ryan would be great.”
  • Remember that people are offering help because they care about you and it is something they want to do.

Do you have tips for what was helpful for you? Please let us know, email us here.


Giving help & support

  • Be a good listener, let the person talk without interrupting or prying.
  • Don’t offer more than you can manage, and if you do offer help, make sure you follow it through.

Willow has advice for partners on how to support the person with cancer, while making sure that the partner’s own needs and fears are also taken into account

There is also a good Willow page on how friends and family can help.