The Breast Cancer Journey

Everyone with breast cancer has a unique experience. Nowadays this experience is often described as a ‘journey’, for example on websites, in books or leaflets, in videos.

By ‘journey’ is meant the individual person’s experience from the point when cancer is first suspected or tested for. Although everyone’s journey is different and personal to them, it usually follows this path:

  • routine screening or first noticing symptoms,
    • tests,
      • cancer is confirmed,
        • treatment,
          • side effects of treatment,
            • recovery, and / or
            • living with cancer, and / or
            • palliative care (this means care for someone who is seriously ill or unlikely to recover).

The ‘cancer journey’ might also describe the experience of someone close to the person with cancer – such as a partner, parent or child.

The Breast Health Action Group is here to help you, and those close to you, with this journey. We aim to do to do this by:

  • Giving information that is up to date and easy to understand.
  • Giving information in the languages of the NWT.