Living With Breast Cancer

If breast cancer is caught and treated early enough, it is possible to be completely cured with very little long term effect. But even then it is a serious illness and at its best it will affect you, and those close to you, for several months at least, and you will then need to be checked regularly for a number of years.

Some women live with the effects of breast cancer and / or its treatment in the long term, perhaps for many years.

We have a separate page for those whose cancer has metastasised or come back here.

Having breast cancer can have an impact on many areas of your life, including, to give just a few examples:

  • How you feel about your body;
  • Your relationships (we have a section here on Family and Friends);
  • Your chances of becoming pregnant;
  • Your employment and financial situation.

Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation has several web pages that look at these and other effects of living with breast cancer.