Metastatic and Recurring Breast Cancer

Hearing that your breast cancer has returned or spread to other parts of the body is devastating news.  But do not give up hope.  Treatment options are advancing all the time and you can still have many years of good quality life.

A great deal is written about metastatic and recurring breast cancer on other websites and we link you here to the following which we think are particularly helpful:

The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation also has several pages on metastatic breast cancer, including details of possible signs that cancer has metastasised. If you have any of the symptoms mentioned you should tell your health care provider immediately because, as with breast cancer at an earlier stage, treatment is more successful if it is started early.

BREASTCANCER.ORG has advice on how to cope emotionally with a return or spread of your cancer, as well as information on treatments, and living with the cancer when it has reached this stage.

Willow also has advice and information about metastatic breast cancer.

  • Palliative care is a branch of conventional medicine dedicated to treating the effects of very serious illness by relieving pain, suffering and stress.
  • It is not the same as treatment for the actual cancer, but works alongside it.
  • Most people think of palliative care as applying only to end-of-life care, but it can be used at any stage of the cancer journey.
  • It is about learning how to get the very best out of life NOW, for those who may have several years or more to live, as well as those who have just a few days.
  • Palliative care treats the whole person: their social, emotional and spiritual needs, as well as physical considerations.
  • Palliative care often combines complementary therapies and/or traditional medicine with conventional drugs.
  • Ask your local health care provider for details of palliative care in your community.

Willow describes more about palliative care and how it can fit into your breast cancer treatment plan here