Metastatic and Reoccurring Breast Cancer

Hearing that your breast cancer has returned or spread to other parts of the body is devastating news.  But do not give up hope.  Treatment options are advancing all the time and you can still have many years of good quality life.

Helpful information about metastatic or reoccurring breast cancer and support groups are available on several websites:

The Canadian Breast Cancer Network has several pages on metastatic breast cancer, including details of possible signs that cancer has metastasized. If you have any of the symptoms mentioned you should tell your health care provider immediately because, as with breast cancer at an earlier stage, treatment is more successful if it is started early. has advice on how to cope emotionally with a return or spread of your cancer, as well as information on treatments, and living with the cancer when it has reached this stage. Please keep in mind this is an American website.

The Canadian Cancer Survivors Network has an extensive list of resources and information on metastatic breast cancer, clinical trials, and support groups.