Cancer Peer Support Programs

Medicinal Salve Workshop

Join Lila Erasmus of Naturally Dene, for a workshop making salves and learning about traditional medicine plants from the Yellowknife area. Over the course of this workshop, Lila will share her knowledge of plants, how to make salves from them, recipes and traditional teachings on respecting the land. For more information on Naturally Dene,

This is a in-person workshop, registration is limited to 5 participants. Deadline to register is February 12, 2022.

Talking Cancer With Your Kids

Some of our hardest conversations are explaining to children someone they love has been diagnosed with cancer. Finding the right words can be difficult, especially if you are struggling with your own emotions and fears about your diagnosis or that of a loved one.

Join Jodi Kapicki, licensed NWT psychologist ( for a guided conversation on what to do and say when you talk about cancer with kids.

This program will be held virtually, registration is limited to 20 participants. Deadline to register is February 19, 2022

All Cancer Peer Support Programs are FREE for participants and open to women have experienced a cancer diagnosis of any type and to caregivers. To register for both of these programs, please send an email and your phone number to An Action Group Board Member will contact you to confirm your participation.