Living With Breast Cancer

If breast cancer is caught and treated early enough, it is possible to become cancer free with few long term side effects. It is still a serious illness and will affect you, and those close to you, for several months at least. You will also need to be checked regularly for a number of years after your treatments.  Some women live with the effects of breast cancer and/or its treatment in the long term, sometimes for many years, or their entire life.

We have a separate section for those whose cancer has metastasized or has come back.

Having breast cancer can have an impact on many areas of your life, including:

  • How you feel about your body;
  • Your relationships;
  • Your sexuality or sexual health;
  • Your chances of becoming pregnant;
  • Your employment and financial situation.

The Canadian Breast Cancer Network have resources and information that look at these and other effects of living with breast cancer.