Action Group Resources

Information Pamphlet

Download out information pamphlet.

Breast Surgery Booklet

Designed for information purposes only, this booklet offers clear language information and diagrams on breast surgery to help NWT breast cancer patients understand treatment options and gain a sense of control over their cancer journey. Sections discuss a range of topics from what to expect before and after surgery, aftercare at home, and more specific information about care after Axillary Node Dissection. There is also a helpful section about questions to ask your surgeon as well as space for recording treatment notes or other pertinent information.

Caring for Yourself Booklet

The Caring for Yourself breast health booklet provides plain-language information to engage NWT women in taking charge of their own breast health, through breast self-awareness, mammography screening and healthy living to reduce their risk of getting breast cancer.

Download Breast Health Book

Breast Health and Healthy Living Community Workshop Kit

This kit contains information and resources to help community health care providers deliver breast health community awareness workshops. Kit contents include:

  • Table-top 6-panel breast health display board – updated with labels 2015, English
  • User-friendly Workshop Facilitator’s Guide – English
  • Train the Trainer session DVD
  • CD of a presentation that can be used on PowerPoint or flip charts
  • Video – NWT Breast Cancer Journeys: Northern Women Share Their Stories – 2013, English
  • Feeling and Seeing Changes Poster (English and 9 Aboriginal Languages)
  • Changes Not Normal Poster (English and 9 Aboriginal Languages)
  • 1 breast model with hidden lumps
  • 1 breast lump display and card – to convey size of lumps that can be detected by self, health care professional or mammography
  • Leaflet – What is your Breast Health Plan – revised 2014, English
  • Caring for Yourself – plain language breast health booklet, revised 2015, English
  • Canada Food Guide, First Nations, Inuit and Metis
  • Healthy Foods North Cookbook
  • Pamphlets related to breast health, breast cancer, breast screening and healthy living produced by other agencies (GNWT, CCS)
  • Evaluation and kit re-order forms and 2 self-addressed stamped envelopes to Action Group, to send in feedback after each workshop.

The Intelligent Patient Guide to Breast Cancer

5th edition, 2011. ISBN: 9780981159911

By Ivo Olivotto, Karen Gelmon, David McCready and Urve Kuusk. This book can be borrowed from The Action Group, through the Yellowknife Public Library and the Aurora College Yellowknife Campus library. You can purchase it by contacting the publisher, ordering from local bookstores or through online booksellers such as Amazon. Please call (867) 873-8089 or email: for loan details.

Cancer Patients Rights and Responsibilities

This plain-language pamphlet and wallet card was developed by patients and survivors outside of the health care system. The Bill of Rights provides patients and survivors with an introduction as to how they can effectively participate in their own care and treatment, and provides a level of confidence for interacting with health care providers and services.

Download Cancer Patients Rights and Responsibilities document

Bressante Silicone Breast Forms

Located in Winnipeg, Bressante is setting a new standard for silicone breast forms, offering breast forms that are soft, lightweight and created with a woman’s personal details and skin tone in mind.

Check out their website or contact them at 1-877-607-7645.