Services & Resources for You

The NWT Cancer Navigation Program provides support and guidance to cancer patients and their families from your first interaction with the cancer care system and onward. Within this program, there is two Registered Nurse Navigators and a Social Worker.  They can also provide you with a copy of the Survivor Care Plan (SCP) for breast cancer, colorectal or other cancers.  If you have not been contacted, you can self-refer by calling 1-866-313-7989 or email at or

This list of services is by no means comprehensive and there is always room to add more information. If you have found some information that would be helpful to include in this list, please send us an email.

NWT Medical System

Stanton Territorial Hospital offers the following programs for cancer patients:

  • Medical Daycare and Chemotherapy Unit provides intravenous (IV) medications, and other treatments and tests related to cancer.
  • NWT Breast Screening Program offers mammography-screening examinations to women aged 50 to 74, and others who are eligible. Mammograms are done in the Diagnostic Imaging Department (X-Ray) at Stanton Territorial Hospital, as well as in Hay River and Inuvik. There are also traveling clinics t, check with your local health centre for details.
  • Stanton Indigenous Wellness Program provides patient supports, interpretation, healing practices, northern foods, and traditional medicine for patients.
  • Though most cancer-related surgeries are carried out in Alberta hospitals, the Surgery Unit and Medical Clinic can provide some tests, surgeries and surgical procedures as well as pre- and post-operative care.

Health Care Providers

It is important to seek a family doctor as early as possible to avoid wait times.  In Yellowknife, contact the Yellowknife Primary Care Centre at (867) 767-9264 or the Frame Lake Community Health Centre at (867) 767-9125.  Smaller communities have visiting (locum) doctors and if one is not available, you may need to travel to a larger community. 

Community health centres provide well women check-ups and experienced nurses and health staff can help you make appointments or assist with follow-up care on your cancer journey.

Health Care & Financial Benefits

NWT Medical Travel  

The Government of the Northwest Territories covers the costs of travel to necessary and appropriate insured health services. Travel must originate in the NWT and service must not be available within the resident’s home community.  The medical travel benefit extends only to individuals who do not have similar coverage through an employer or some other program. The benefit provides for return airfare, inter-facility ambulance services, emergency medical evacuations, and limited support for meals, accommodation and ground transportation. See the section on Medical Travel.

Extended Health Benefits

Check with your employer or Northern Indigenous Health Benefits to see what is covered under your agreements or employee health plans to for prescriptions, medical travel, etc. For non-indigenous NWT residents who have cancer and no other health benefits through an employer, you can apply to Alberta Blue Cross to cover prescriptions, equipment and some treatments.

NWT Breast Health/Breast Cancer Action Group: Find resources on this website, check us on Facebook, or phone 867-873-8089 in Yellowknife or email us at 

Financial Supports

If you are diagnosed with terminal cancer or put into palliative care, there is an opportunity to access money you have contributed to the Canadian Pension Plan (CPP). There is also money available for children who are still attending school. This federal program is administered through Service Canada and is called the Disability Benefits Under CPP. To see if you qualify, access the Terminal Illness Application Kit.

NWT Psychosocial and Emotional Support

The NWT Breast Health/Breast Cancer Action Group is here to help you. We offer psychosocial (emotional & social) programming, cancer retreats, peer to peer support, and monthly peer support meetings. Past programs have included Art of Healing workshops, yoga, manual lymphatic drain massage, cooking classes, and traditional medicine walks. To see the latest events, check out our FaceBook page. To join our monthly peer support meetings, contact the Cancer Peer Support Facilitator at

Edmonton Medical System & Supports

Cross Cancer Institute is where most NWT patients go for treatments and appointments related to their cancer. It is located at 11560 University Ave in Edmonton. The Cross Cancer Institute offers a wealth of programs and services that patients, as well as a 24-hour hotline you can access during their journey.

  • Indigenous Health
  • Low Down on Down There
  • Look Good Feel Better
  • Physical Therapy for Breast Cancer
  • Power Nutrition
  • Psychosocial Oncology
  • Spiritual Care
  • Wig and Hair Alternative Service

Wellspring in Edmonton does offer psycho-social supports, like art therapy, for patients and their families.  Check with Wellspring on what they offer.

Northern Health Services Network in Edmonton
Northern Health Services Network (NHSN) is a team of health care professionals
who work with patients from the northern territories who travel to Edmonton
hospitals for specialized medical treatment. NHSN has significant experience
coordinating treatment and discharge care, as well as assisting with access to
equipment and supplies for cancer patients. The NHSN liaises with the Cross
Cancer Institute, Stanton Territorial Hospital, and the patient’s community health
centre. All NHSN staff members have nursing experience in Canada’s north and
can advocate on behalf of northern clients to meet their linguistic, cultural, and
spiritual needs.
Program Supervisor
Community Services Centre Room 570
Royal Alexandra Hospital
10240 Kingsway, Edmonton T5H 3V9
Phone: 780-735-5761
Fax: 780-735-5763

My Care Conversations App

If you are worried that you might not remember what you talked about with your cancer care team, then this App provides a free, safe way to record conversations with your health care provider. My Care Conversations App is provided through Alberta Health Services. You will need to advise your health care provider that you are using this App and ask for their consent to make a recording.

Use the My Care Conversations app to:

  • help you remember what you talked about by recording your clinic conversations
  • share the recording later with trusted family and friends
  • add your own typed notes.

You can download it through the App Store or through Google Play. For more information on the benefits and features, visit and search “My Care Conversations”.